What others have to say about working with Maureen Moriarty and Pathways to Change:

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Maureen as a workplace coach and trainer. We hired Maureen to work with us at Parametric Portfolio Associates for a yearlong Leadership Training program that she developed with us to mentor our up-and coming middle managers.

Maureen’s innovative approach ensured that the managers had many new skills at their disposal, as well as the ability to reach out to other managers who had also participated in the training. This program was so successful that we brought Maureen back to do another round of education the following year. Maureen helped us soothe some of the growing pains we had as a quickly growing company, and provided individual coaching and mediation for individuals with more specific needs.

Additionally, we worked with Maureen on two day-long retreats which enabled senior and middle managers to communicate in a safe and productive environment. We have been positively influenced by Maureen and would definitely hire her again in the future”
Laura Edain, PHR, Parametric

“My experience with Maureen has been extremely positive. In guiding and supporting managers and team members as they seek to enhance their effectiveness, Maureen provides just the right amount of personal insight within the confines of a professional setting. The process of helping to uncover and shed light on unproductive behaviors is done in a safe and enlightening manner such that real change can and does take place. We continue to call upon her services to help us as we bring new managers on board and create new teams, and as our existing functions need to be enhanced.”
– Ross Chapin, Director of Business Development, Parametric

“Maureen has done an excellent job moving our firm toward a culture of accountability. She is an engaging facilitator and a very insightful coach. I credit her with assisting us both individually and as a whole in making our form a better place to work. Any dysfunctional behavior is now easily discussed between all team members; morale is greatly improved.”
–Tim Gardner, President, Snyder Roofing of Washington LLC

“We initially hired Maureen Moriarty to provide change management training as part of a manager training program. We were impressed with the relevancy, insights and applications of her training class and asked Maureen to design a similar program tailored to the needs and realities of our non-managerial staff.

Maureen does a fabulous job of seeing organizational change through the eyes of individuals at all levels of the organization. She draws from her personal and professional experience to connect with her audience while incorporating themes of emotional intelligence to raise awareness of the many facets of change. Managers and staff alike commented that Maureen is an excellent, knowledgeable speaker, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with such a top-notch professional.”
– Robin Hake, SPHR, M.Ed, Director of Human Resources, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe

“Maureen gets to the root of the matter quickly. She has a great way of getting her head around the issues right away and customizing her approach. Maureen pulls on a great expanse of knowledge to develop solutions for any organizational issue. We had multiple workshops which everyone found very helpful. Maureen has a very practical training approach that allows us to apply our new skills easily. Maureen also makes everyone feel at ease – she is very easy to talk to and relates to the whole group with both knowledge and humor.”
– Marcella Estes, SVP, Talent Director, Publicis in the West

“Maureen Moriarty brings keen business insight and observation to executive coaching. Successful executives and managers are familiar with the coaching process and even utilize that process to succeed and to manage their own teams: Assessment; Identify goals; Develop a plan to reach the goals; Assess the plan implementation/effectiveness; Assess the realization of goals. It’s Maureen’s insight about how business and people work that is unique and that assures success – because without clear, considered perception the entire coaching process is flawed. I appreciated Maureen’s ability to help me discern opportunities and to accurately assess my strengths and weaknesses – her judgment and experience provided me with new awareness and revived energy to achieve my goals”
Diana McDevitt, CPA

“I can not endorse Maureen – and specifically, the emotional intelligence exercise I did with her – strongly enough. In fact, I would go as far as to say the emotional intelligence exercise was the single most important exercise I’ve done in my career. I share with Maureen things that “shouldn’t matter,” but they do, and she gives me the perspective how best to handle them. She works with expertise, humor, compassion, and deep empathy. I think it’s safe to say that she changed my life. Work with her and dramatically elevate awareness for you (or your organization) how best to function as an organization.”
Joe Hage, Senior Marketing Executive

“Maureen brings a unique approach to business coaching and consulting services by employing the techniques and tools of “Emotional Intelligence” in a business setting. She emphasizes how critical mutual understanding, trust and communication are to effective leadership. She is an expert facilitator who quickly engages her clients (and their teams) in honest, frank and constructive discussions focused on building common understanding and trust among team members. I highly recommend Maureen for personal coaching, team building and strategic planning work in any professional setting.”
Rob Price, Construction Manager, KPFF Consulting Engineers

“It’s actually kind of amazing-I spend an hour each week with Maureen but I get at least three hours back because my meetings are more productive, I’m more focused and I know what I need to accomplish each week. In advertising we drool over ROI like that!”
Tisha Freer, Senior Client Director, JWT Inside

“I’ve used Pathways to Change for Executive Coaching. Maureen Moriarty was sharp and direct in the questions she asked to get me to really think about the direction of my business as well as for me personally. I think these services are invaluable when used to check your gut and to think beyond the day to day. I recommend her as a great sounding board. She challenges me in the way I think about business opportunities from an objective point of view.”
Jonathan Koshar, President, The Broad Reach Group, LLC

“Maureen Moriarty is an integral part of our efforts to strengthen our organization and develop leadership and communication skills among many of our employees. She has developed an extended curriculum to fit our leadership and communication training needs and delivers it wonderfully as an instructor. In addition, she serves as a valuable one-on-one coach for several Parametric managers supporting them as they face real time management issues and interactions. We are very pleased to have Maureen as a partner is these important initiatives!”
– Brian Langstraat, Chief Executive Officer, Parametric Portfolio Associates

“Maureen has been making outstanding contributions to our growing company. She has coached our executive team, has trained a “key managers” group and has worked with managers one-on-one on their organizational issues. Evidence is apparent throughout the company every day in lower stress, more balance, efficiency and an esprit de corps.

With humor, insight, and experience she has led us to a deeper and honest understanding of ourselves personally, and enhanced our interactions with one another. Our young and growing organization is fast becoming a high-functioning team. Soon upper management will be out of a job – how wonderful!”
– David Stein, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Parametric Portfolio Associates

“Do you want an unbiased view of potential weaknesses in your leadership practices? Would you like to better understand why some of your tried and trued practices might be failing?

If you know that you have room for improvement, Maureen can help. I started with an EQ (emotional quotient) test to help identify what emotional response(s) I resort to under difficult situations. As the responses were identified through the test and verified through discussion with Maureen a game plan was established for change.

I can assure you that what Maureen provides isn’t an overnight makeover; it takes time and conscious effort to employ the recommendations. However, I am seeing positive results through her tutelage both in my professional and personal life. Recognizing what you are doing wrong is an important first step in improvement. Being provided the tools/options for improvement is the next step. Maureen offers them both.”
– Joel Kuhnhenn, Deputy Chief, Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District

“This letter is to refer and recommend Maureen Moriarty is the capacity of Professional Consultant and Executive Coach. I have utilized Maureen’s services for over two years. I have found her coaching and professional guidance invaluable in dealing with major account strategy development, addressing inter-company personnel issues as well as providing a sounding board for evaluating options to resolve very difficult situations requiring both tack and initiative. Her guidance in the arena of team building has provided for significant and sustained process improvement between multiple departments critical to the success of my business.

I attribute Maureen’s coaching skills as a major contributor to a multi million dollar growth in my business over the period of time she has worked with me.

I would recommend Maureen without hesitation to any individual or organization looking to building high performance, professional teams and/or requiring leadership skill development.”
– Tim Bergman, Manufacturer’s Representative, Diebold, Inc., Seattle, WA

“As a coach, mentor and consultant, Maureen left us with permanent changes which improved our operation. We now work in a more efficient service structure. Unlike most outside help, Maureen stepped in first to understand our structure and our priorities. She soon gained the trust and participation of all field service personnel. I learned much from Maureen regarding organizational change. I highly recommend Maureen as a resource to achieve performance efficiencies which seem insurmountable.”
– Robert E. Riley, Jr., Customer Service Manager-Diebold, Inc., Seattle, WA

“I wanted to thank you again for the great leadership team seminar you provided yesterday. It went off without a hitch and I learned a great deal. I hope you are basking in your success today.”
– Bruce Wynn, Special Programs Manager, Professional & Organizational Development, University of Washington

“I have a top-school MBA, am classically trained and – on paper – look great. It took Maureen to show me the career-defeating patterns in my behavior. I just wish I hadn’t waited until my job was in jeopardy to find Pathways to Change!”
– A career and leadership development coaching client

“Thank you for your caring and level headed approach and thank you so much for an excellent session today. You seem to be making a tangible situation out of what has felt foggy and illusive. Your skills are invaluable.”
– A Leading Women’s Retail Manager (leadership development coaching client)

“I like your philosophy and background in organizational development and the openness of our conversations. I appreciate your ability to be frank with me! A colleague who manages the MICU and NICU at Harborview Medical Center attended one of you classes last week with her assistant nurse managers. They thought you and your strategies were great! And, I can tell you this is not an easy crowd to impress. However, I am not surprised you wowed them having worked with you on some of my greatest successes. Glad to hear you are having an impact on healthcare!”
– A U of W Hospital Compliance Leader (executive coaching client)

“A rare combination of skills, personality and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done is a difficult combination to find. She excels in interpersonal communication and is a great strategic thinker. Without hesitation, I would recommend Maureen.”
– Micki Stockalper, President-Stock/Alper & Associates, San Diego CA

“She is intelligent, well-rounded and very articulate. Her people skills are extraordinary. Tenacious, self-motivated, creative and successful.”
– Dermot O’Halloran, Contracts/Marketing Manager-S & K Electronics Salish Kootenai Tribe

“Unequivocal voice of support, Maureen assumed a very active leadership role with persistence and knowledge resulting in an award winning project. She has an amazing “package of gifts”. She is undoubtedly one of the finest professionals that I have encountered in my 30 years of working both in the U.S. and internationally. If she says that she will accept accountability for a project, provide the required resources and get out of the way! Without doubt, Ms. Moriarty is one of the top two or three individuals that I would chose to be on a team. If you have an opportunity to hire her, do so and you will not ever regret the decision.”
– John LaTrielle, Ph.D, Director of Home Health, St Joseph Hospital

“Having taught goal setting and personal development myself, I was not sure anyone could show me or teach me anything new that could help me achieve my personal goals. Maureen not only showed me new ways of approaching goal setting and achievement, but she challenged some of my old stand by beliefs and helped me see through my own barriers that I was blind to. I found my “energy” and continue to move towards my goal of being healthy, energetic and creative in all I do. I highly recommend Maureen.”
– Laura Bell, Outplacement Services, Boeing

“Maureen has a tool chest brimming with ways to help me reach my personal and professional goals. Her approach is clear and concise while addressing body, mind and spirit.”
– Paula McHugh, Professional Artist/Employed by Eileen Fisher Inc.

“Her creative abilities and action oriented style were a valuable contribution to the hotel’s ability to achieve budgeted profit. I strongly recommend her”
– Carla Murray, Hotel Manager-Monterey Sheraton (ITT), Monterey, CA