Executive Coaching

Coaching is a Great Investment – The Investment is in YOU!

Pathways to Change executive coaching is about transformation, not just higher levels of performance.

At Pathways to Change in Seattle and Palm Springs, our coaching and leadership development objectives are to help you move up to the next level, expand your skills, boost your performance and perhaps even change the way you think. As your Seattle executive coaching expert, we observe and identify habitual behavior patterns that you may be blind to see.

We help you learn, grow and achieve extraordinary goals through powerful questions, honest feedback, new “people” skills and a desire to bring out the best in you.
We offer several types of coaching and leadership development programs to suit your needs. Click on the links below for more information.

Executive and Leadership Coaching is for those mid to senior level managers, fast trackers and the “newly promoted into management” leader to develop leadership skills. We offer executive coaching in Seattle and Palm Springs while you are doing the daily work with your teams, offering immediate feedback and effective partnership.

Career & Life Balance Coaching is for those busy career professionals who often struggle with life balance. For these clients, we offer exercises to determine core values, purpose and passions to help them proactively design lives that are meaningful and balanced.

Business Coaching is for the small business owner who is overwhelmed and challenged by either growing or starting up a business. We bring over 20 years of business experience in helping clients address areas like marketing, business strategy, sales, employee relations, difficult customers/employees and growing their business.

The Pathways to Change Coaching Approach

At Pathways to Change, our coaching style is designed to inspire, empower, challenge and support clients with powerful questions, tools and learning to get results. We help clients take possibilities and translate them into live opportunities.

Our executive coaches in Seattle and Palm Springs let clients set the coaching and learning agenda. From there, our focus is the development of the client. By asking questions that challenge assumptions and beliefs, we work in collaborative partnership with clients to improve their performance and focus on their goals.

We believe that executive coaching is as essential to high performance in business and life as it is in sports and the performing arts.
We bring humor, compassion and an appreciative eye to our coaching work. We truly love helping others to live up to their highest potential.