Emotional Intelligence Training

Seattle Emotional Intelligence Training & Workshop

How you act in response to your emotions and the emotions of others has a profound impact on your career and workplace morale, engagement and performance.  Most managers who struggle with being a team player or leading others effectively need look no further than emotional intelligence!

What is emotional intelligence? Also known as EQ, emotional intelligence is about being self-aware and conscious in the “now” so you can make wise, healthy interpersonal choices when the heat is on.  Most would agree that stress, challenge and conflict are par for the course in workplaces.   How you react to stressful workplace scenarios can mean either gaining that next promotion (moving up the corporate ladder) or being shown “the door”.

The good news is EQ can be improved. However, you need to understand what it is, increase your awareness of your EQ patterns and develop skills that will enable you to manage your emotional intelligence.

This training helps participants understand “what EQ means to me.” It also teaches participants how to assess whether their EQ patterns are helping or hindering them in meeting relationship and workplace goals.  Participants learn EQ skills such as self-awareness, paraphrasing/listening to understand, empathy, self-soothing,  and reframing.

By the end of the Seattle emotional intelligence workshop, participants will:

  • Understand EQ, how it is developed, the difference between low and high EQ, and why high EQ matters to workplace success.
  • Understand the reptilian brain and how it impacts their reactivity.
  • Increase EQ self-awareness because being conscious in the now “in the moment” is what will give you the power to make a conscious choice and respond in a way that will serve you and others (vs. being emotionally hijacked)
  • Learn new EQ communication skills such as paraphrasing, empathy,  “perception” checking, reframing, awareness of emotionality and separating feelings from thoughts & managing behavior

Learning new EQ skills will increase the likelihood of being seen and judged by bosses, peers, direct reports and senior managers as being competent, predictable, stable and capable of handling leadership and challenging interpersonal scenarios.  All these will equate to a brighter workplace future both financially and interpersonally!