Team Development

Seattle Team Development & Coaching – Is your team performing to its potential?

Just because you throw people together in a team…

Does not mean that you will get a high performing team!

High performing teams develop through training and attention to team behaviors, interpersonal interactions, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

What we can do as your Seattle team development coach:

  • Improve results, problem solving, accountability, interpersonal, skills and commitment.
  • Increase leadership skills on the team
  • Facilitate exercises and team processes to maximize participation, creativity, collaboration and decision making for team productivity
  • Reduce time wasted on unproductive, dysfunctional behaviors of team
  • Increase desired business results in less time

Questions to ask when considering team coaching (areas we address when coaching teams):

  • Are we really a team?
  • Does the team have the skills necessary to achieve goals?
  • Do all members speak up without fear?
  • Do all members contribute to decision- making and problem solving?
  • Is conflict handled in a way that results in a high quality decision?
  • Are goals, team member roles and expectations understood?
  • Does the team measure progress against specific goals?
  • Does the team share mutual accountability?
  • Are team members committed to a team goal and understand their part in making it happen?
  • Are team members accountable to each other?
  • Do team meetings lack decision making?
  • Is the level of politics higher than morale?

We offer:

  • Over 20 years experience working with teams
  • Practical, simple team-training, communication and conflict resolution models and exercises.
  • A systems approach to improve the performance of your team.