Team Building and Retreat Facilitation for accountability, safety, clarity and engagement

Wise leaders know the importance of taking a time out from day to day operational performance/fire fighting mode. They know to bring the team together to improve communication, collaboration, and working relationships while addressing big picture issues and challenges. Get more out of this important time with a professional facilitator and Palm Springs and Seattle team building expert.

Maureen Moriarty has over 25 years of experience with team building activities in Seattle and has worked with many senior leaders and their employees on their team building exercises and retreats. She brings expert facilitation skills, an engaged style, keen observation and experience into your session for a collaborative creative approach to tap into the experience and insights of the team to address real important team challenges. She brings safety, engagement, learning and clarity to any group session she facilitates.

Maureen guides Seattle team building activities, meetings and retreats, brainstorming sessions and executive retreats- examples of challenges/opportunities and questions addressed can include:

  • Critical reflection on past projects – mining learning opportunities, successes to carry forward and opportunities for improvement
  • Identifying short-term critical goals for the team to work together to achieve
  • Personalized feedback session with all team participants each revealing about each other: behaviors exhibited that hinder/support success
  • Focus on increasing accountability in staff, culture and with each other
  • Identify how we behave with each other to support the culture we espouse
  • Identify how we can more effectively manage, sponsor, lead and communicate upcoming changes (re-organizations etc)
  • Get the “elephants in the room” addressed
  • Identify obstacles we face in implementing strategies and how to address them
  • Identify codes of conduct or rules of engagement for team to commit around meeting dynamics, communication responsiveness and interpersonal behaviors (i.e. challenging assumptions/bringing solutions with problems)
  • Critical reflection process from team success and failure
  • Identify and commit to behaviors that will build trust, cooperation and engagement moving forward?

What clients say about Maureen’s team building and facilitation skills:

“We had much need conversations. Maureen pushed us, reasonably, out of our comfort zones and was really able to maintain a safe place. We now have better communication tools in our team. We will hire her for continuous help and facilitation, she was well worth the cost and effort (emotional)

“It was a pleasure to have you work with our leadership team at our off-site retreat. We had a lot of ground to cover and were dealing with the development of our team as well as our strategic planning process. We felt going into this that having a skilled consultant guide us, as well as being able to ask the tough questions and pull the pieces together, would be instrumental in coming away from the retreat feeling that we had accomplished our goals.

“We did a great deal of research in evaluating who would be ideally suited for the task at hand and your name continued to surface to the top of the list. We are very pleased we selected you and you did not disappoint. Your ability to weave in the latest research in organizational and leadership development was significant. We appreciated both your delivery style and the content. We anticipate having you participate in future teambuilding events and I would be very happy to refer you to other business leaders in the future.”
—Leif Johnson, Executive Director Client Strategies , Exvere Inc

“Maureen gets to the root of the matter quickly. She has a great way of getting her head around the issues right away and customizing her approach. Maureen pulls on a great expanse of knowledge to develop solutions for any organizational issue. We had multiple workshops which everyone found very helpful. Maureen has a very practical training approach that allows us to apply our new skills easily. Maureen also makes everyone feel at ease – she is very easy to talk to and relates to the whole group with both knowledge and humor.”
—Marcella Estes, SVP, Talent Director, Publicis in the West

“Maureen is an expert facilitator who quickly engages her clients (and their teams) in honest, frank and constructive discussions focused on building common understanding and trust among team members. I highly recommend Maureen for team building and strategic planning work in any professional setting”
—Rob Price, Port of Seattle

“Maureen has done an excellent job moving our firm toward a culture of accountability. She is an engaging facilitator and a very insightful coach. I credit her with assisting us both individually and as a whole in making our form a better place to work. Any dysfunctional behavior is now easily discussed between all team members; morale is greatly improved.”
–Tim Gardner, President, Snyder Roofing of Washington LLC

We are experts in the PEOPLE side of leadership including change management, team engagement/accountability, adaptive leadership and organizational development.
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