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With more than 20 years’ experience in Seattle team building, career development, and leadership development, Pathways to Change can take you and your business to the next level. We offer:

Maureen founded Path to Change in 2000 with offices in Seattle, WA and Palm Springs, CA. She provides practical leadership development skill building, career development, and guidance for executives and teams with individual executive coaching, leadership development programs, workshops and team building. She also provides facilitation expertise for difficult, meaningful and engaged conversations and retreats. She is an engaging dynamic speaker on all team and leadership development topics. For further information or to discuss your unique needs, please contact Maureen.

So, would you like to learn new tools and practical techniques to improve your leadership and management skills?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Test & Coaching: For Leaders & Managers

35% of newly promoted managers fail as a result of low EQ. EQ is a greater predictor of leadership success than either IQ or experience. As a leader, understanding your EQ and your team’s EQ patterns can increase team collaboration, creativity and performance.

Check out our EQ Test (Profile)/Coaching Special:

  • Your unique EQ profile report
  • Private consultation and coaching sessions to improve your EQ


  • Your emotional pattern/triggers under stress and challenge (which can derail a leader!)
  • New techniques to manage conflict, challenge and difficult interactions
  • How to get “unstuck” in difficult conversations/relationships

Leadership and Management Skills Workshops and Training for Your Workplace

Increase management and leadership skills in your company. We offer entertaining and engaging half and full day trainings. Leaders and managers will learn new practical skills (to take into your workplace tomorrow) in:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision- making
  • Overcoming Common Team Dysfunctions
  • How to Increase Trust
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stop Bossing and Start Coaching
  • Change & Project Management
  • Leading Effective Meetings

Coaching: Seattle Leadership Development, Seattle Executive Coaching, Seattle Team Development and Seattle Career Development & Team Building
Individual coaching is the best way to improve and leverage leadership productivity and performance. At Pathways to Change, we help mid to senior level professionals “go to the next level” by developing practices and learning tools to improve trust, communication, resolve conflict and their ability to lead teams in productive collaboration.

Our unique Seattle executive coaching approach allows clients to have an active day- to- day partner –often helping clients address team development challenges while they are doing work with their teams. Our career coaching allows professionals to make choices in times of transition that equate to success in the long run and includes important coaching practice for successful interviewing.

Consulting: Change Management and Organizational Development
At Pathways to Change, we understand the challenges of leading in a world of constant change and that is why we offer our consulting services that has helped many companies around the world and here in Seattle with team building and leadership issues. We offer clients effective change management and organizational development expertise to help you manage ongoing change in your company. We offer customized assessment and strategic solutions to improve performance and to help you achieve company goals.

Our expertise includes leadership training, facilitation and organizational improvement strategies. Issues commonly addressed include morale, productivity, quality, conflict resolution, team development, introduction of major change initiatives, corporate cultural change and improving customer relations.

Assessments: Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
We offer our clients the most powerful assessments tools available to increase emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness. Pathways To Change is proud to be certified in the Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey offering managers and leaders multi rater feedback from those who work most closely with them (their bosses, direct reports, peers, customers etc) to help determine future leadership development strategy. This report gives managers and executives’ key insight into how others perceive their abilities in 16 leadership capacities and areas that can derail a leader. The EQ profile illuminates for managers and leaders how their interpersonal patterns either hinder or help them in meeting their relationship goals under stress and in conflict. Pathways To Change offers targeted coaching and training for development or challenge areas surfaced in our assessments.

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