Leadership Development Assessments

Leadership Development Assessments

Leadership development assessments are valuable tools to help individuals and companies improve interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and overall management and leadership skills to improve performance.

Why Assessments Are Critical to Leadership Development

  • Increased self awareness
  • To gather in depth feedback
  • Identify lessons that you may still need to learn
  • Identify problem areas that can stall or derail your career (and develop a plan to improve them)
  • Establish direction for coaching and training development
  • Illuminate what you may be blind to about yourself and your management style
  • Gain critical insight regarding your emotional intelligence
  • Develop new understandings of how your personal patterns are either helping or hindering you in meeting personal, relationship or organizational goals
  • Learn new truths about yourself
  • Identify capacities to strengthen and practices/skills to develop a road map for your development

Companies committed to continuous learning, improvement and developing existing and future leaders use assessments to meet their strategic goals and objectives.

The bottom line for why your company or organization should use these assessments:

  • Maximum productivity and performance thereby increasing your bottom line
  • Getting the most out of your people (your most valuable resource)
  • Increased energy, output, retention, morale and communication
  • Decrease conflict, wasted time and ineffective management practices

Pathways To Change only offers assessments with the highest standards for meeting validity (the extent to which the instrument measures what it is intended to measure) and reliability (the extend the instrument yields the same results on repeated trails) testing requirements. The performance and emotional intelligence assessments used by Pathways to Change are widely regarded as the best instruments of performance management and emotional intelligence. We have among the highest credentialing in the field to offer these instruments to you.

Pathways To Change Available Assessments:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – Uncover and identify how your emotional intelligence patterns (self awareness, self soothing, relationship strategies, trust, positive/negative orientation, empathy etc) are either helping or hindering you in meeting your workplace relationship goals. Studies indicate the EQ is a greater predictor of leadership success than IQ! This powerful Seattle EQ (emotional intelligence) instrument can help you learn how you uniquely respond to stress, challenge and conflict in the workplace. If you are a leader or manager, focusing on your EQ or emotional intelligence can be the most powerful investment you will make in terms of your future career advancement.

Benchmarks 360 degree Feedback Survey – Pathways to Change is professionally certified through the Center for Creative Leadership to administer this powerful feedback leadership development tool to gather feedback from those who work closely with you (direct reports, peers, your boss, key customers/clients and others). Every manager and leader should have this done at least once in their career. Find out what lessons you need yet to learn to move forward in your career. Companies committed to achieving maximum productivity from their most valuable resources (managers and leaders) know that the Benchmarks 360 degree Feedback Survey is the top rated most widely used statically valid 360 tool in the global market.

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