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Seattle Leadership Coaching

Why would you need a Seattle executive coach?
Are you confident you are getting the feedback you need to continue to grow and improve your leadership skills?

Do you understand your impact on others in your workplace?

Do you feel isolated, overwhelmed and pressured to do everything?

Do you struggle with the people issues?

Do you need help managing the emotional component and stress levels to work through conflict effectively with your team?

Are you challenged with difficult people, conflict and relationship skills?
Would you benefit from an outside objective thinking partner?

A Seattle Executive Coach:

  • Partners with clients to identify how you can take your leadership ability to the next level
  • Partners with clients to develop feedback systems, improve learning and performance
  • Listens, observes and provides feedback (which often senior leaders don’t get because people are hesitant to tell them!)
  • Enhances the skills, resources, self awareness and creativity of the client
  • Moves the client forward through questions, exercises, conversations, team and leadership tools and strategies.
  • Has extensive experience coaching senior leaders in corporations large and small

Why Hire a Seattle Executive Coach?

  1. The demands on today’s leader are greater than ever; trust and effective team and people skills are critical
  2. Increase your self awareness, gain valuable unbiased feedback, learn new behaviors to take action to make you a more effective leader
  3. Leadership is learnable. There is no better way to become a more effective leader than through leadership coaching.
  4. Take your career to the next level!
  5. All executives and senior managers can benefit from a CONFIDENTIAL objective, neutral sounding board.

Our executive coaching process allows participants to step away from their day-to-day routine and effectively strategize on how they can achieve their next level of professional success.

As a confidential thinking partner your Seattle executive coach will help you:

  • Understand and develop your emotional intelligence
  • Earn trust in the workplace
  • Gain a competitive business advantage to succeed
  • Learn practical leadership tools (conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, team leadership, change management, communication)
  • Lead more effective meetings for collaboration, creativity and commitment
  • Coach and mentor others
  • Increase self awareness and overcome self-imposed obstacles
  • Design a leadership development plan
  • Assist you in managing continual change in your organization and life

As your executive coach with over 10 years of leadership coaching experience in Seattle, we understand the challenges of leading in a world of constant change. We work with mid to senior level professionals to “go to the next level”. Through careful exploration of emotional intelligence challenges, skill development and strategic planning, executives can make behavioral choices that equate to success.

Our unique approach to leadership coaching allows clients to have an active day- to- day partner –often helping clients address leadership challenges while they are doing work with their teams.

We offer a complimentary first session to sample Seattle executive coaching and determine whether there is a coaching “fit”. Call 360-682-5807 today!