Coaching Skills for Managers

Seattle Coaching Skills for Managers & Leaders

9 out of 10 companies expect managers & supervisors to deliver coaching as part of their day-to-day work*

*Institute of Personnel and Development.

Do your managers have the coaching skills required to succeed?

Pathways to Change can offer managers the skills required to:

  • Shift old style autocratic “bosses” into empowering and inspirational “coaches”
  • Inspire loyalty & better boss/employee relationship
  • Cultivate motivated and self directed employees
  • Build employee confidence, capability, performance and productivity
  • Reduce turnover, increase employee accountability, commitment, satisfaction and engagement

The workshop offers supervisors and manager’s the coaching skills necessary to more effectively inspire, support and lead employee productivity and performance. Give your managers the tools they need to develop specific coaching core competencies and skills.
Participant Outcomes:

By the end of the workshop, participants will learn:

  • New behaviors to be a “coach” vs. a “boss”
  • How to provide feedback to illuminate employee’s blind spots
  • Tips and strategies for delivering and receiving effective feedback
  • Best practice coaching tips and skills
  • Trust gaining behaviors
  • How to motivate through reward and recognition
  • Powerful coaching questions to empower and develop employees

Workshop Outline

  • Coaching defined
  • Today’s stressful turbulent environment
  • Business case for coaching
  • Boss vs. coach
  • Best Practice Coaching
  • Illuminating the “blind” spot in employees
  • Coaching Skills 101
    • Trust
    • Adapting to your employee’s learning/communication style
    • Identifying and leveraging strengths
    • Providing job and role clarity
    • Active listening and empathy
    • SMART goals
    • Asking powerful questions to assist learning
    • Giving and receiving effective feedback
    • Reward and recognition
    • Coachable moments and performance reviews
    • Role play practice