Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey

Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey

What is a 360?
360 degree reviews or ‘multi-rater’ assessments are management appraisals that gather performance feedback from those who work closely with them (their boss, direct reports, key clients/customers, peers and/or board members). Managers gain valuable feedback (offered anonymously) from those who often know more about their day-to-day performance than the direct supervisor (who typically do performance reviews).

Why take the Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey?
Pathways to Change is proud to provide clients and companies the Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey for individuals and companies. The Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey is the most widely used (the focus of countless studies and has been used by millions of managers worldwide) statistically validated, most comprehensive 360 on the global market. It is based on extensive research into the skills and perspectives that are crucial for success in mid level management and senior roles.

What is the purpose of the Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback?
To identify what lessons may still need to be learned for future career and leadership development. Pathways To Change offers skilled feedback and consultation on the results providing participants with a powerful opportunity to learn about how they impact others and how others view their leadership and change management skills.

Why should you take a 360?
Every manager and leader should have a 360 completed at least once during their career. Scores on the Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey have been shown to predict managerial effectiveness and career progress. Ratings are benchmarked against other successful leaders. Taking this survey allows managers an opportunity to seriously examine (and potentially change) behavior that hinders their future leadership effectiveness. The 360 reveals strengths, areas to improve, information managers may be unaware of and specific input to put a development plan together for future performance.

What Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey Measures


* Resourcefulness
* Doing Whatever it Takes
* Being a Quick Study
* Decisiveness


* Leading Employees
* Confronting Problem Employees
* Participative Management
* Change Management


* Building and Mending Relationships
* Compassion and Sensitivity
* Straightforwardness and Composure
* Balance Between Personal Life and Work
* Self-awareness
* Putting People at Ease
* Differences Matter
* Career Management


* Problems with Interpersonal Relationships
* Difficulty Building and Leading a Team
* Difficulty Changing or Adapting
* Failure to Meet Business Objectives
* Too Narrow Functional Orientation


* Comprehensive in depth feedback
* In depth development learning guide to develop an effective strategy for change
* Easy to understand
* Valid and reliable (based on decades of research with thousands of managers and top executives throughout the world). Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey measures exactly what it says it does.

Why the Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey is Important to Leadership Development

* Increased self awareness
* To gather in depth comprehensive feedback from a multitude of perspectives
* Identify lessons that you may still need to learn
* Identify problem areas that can stall or derail your career (and then develop a plan to improve them)
* Establish direction for coaching and training development
* Illuminate what you may be blind to about yourself and your management style
* Develop new understandings of how your personal patterns are either helping or hindering you in meeting personal, relationship or organizational goals
* Learn new truths about yourself
* Identify capacities to strengthen and a development plan

Advance company strategic objectives with a Benchmarks 360 Degree Feedback Survey for your managers.

* Maximum productivity and performance thereby increasing your bottom line
* Getting the most out of your people (your most valuable resource)
* Increased energy, output, retention, morale and communication
* Decrease conflict, wasted time and ineffective management practices

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