About Pathways to Change

Maureen Moriarty founded Pathways to Change in 2000 to help companies and managers increase effectiveness and improve leadership and team performance.

About Pathways to Change
Pathways to Change was founded by Maureen Moriarty in 2000 to help Seattle business leaders and managers improve leadership and team performance through organizational development consulting, executive coaching and leadership development training. Our mission is to maximize human potential in individuals and organizations. The most important asset to any business is its people! But most managers don’t have natural ability or the skills necessary to effectively work through the management, team and interpersonal/conflict challenges they face doing their day-to-day work. We provide support, training, coaching, structure and an environment that allows your people to bring their best work forward. Happy engaged employees are always the best performers. What is good for your people is good for your business.

Proven practical tools, training, coaching and techniques for creating high performance teams and leaders. We help clients leverage trust, communication and emotional intelligence to increase productivity, performance and employee satisfaction. What kills most teams is a lack of trust –we help clients learn new behaviors to increase trust. Poor communication plagues many organizations but there are simple techniques that we teach to increase the potential for understanding and clarity. We also give manager’s skills to work through conflict effectively (20% of any manager’s time is dealing with conflict and avoidance doesn’t work!!) The number one reason for career derailment is a lack of self-awareness, interpersonal, conflict resolution skills and emotional intelligence. The good news is there are skills that can be learned to avoid losing valued technical or experienced employees who are struggling with team and interpersonal dynamics. We can help.

“People” and “emotional intelligence” challenges are our sweet spot. We help in two ways, either helping “problematic” but valued employees who have received challenging performance reviews (along the lines of “communication challenges”, “not a team player”, “doesn’t effectively influence others”, “not an effective leader” etc) improve and develop their skills to improve performance, or we help companies get their managers singing off the same sheet of music by providing skill based trainings to improve day to day management/leadership abilities—which of course results in increased retention of talent, morale, engaged employees and performance!

Customized solutions to your unique challenges. We start by listening to your challenges. We want to first understand what the core challenges are before prescribing a strategic solution. We have over 30 years of organizational experience to draw from and many strategic options to employ including one on one coaching, training, consulting, tools and insight to help you get your team working in a more positive, collaborative and creative direction.

Our affiliates are professional trainers, coaches and consultants who are effective problem solvers, motivators and designers of effective change.

Pathways to Change is a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation), ODN (Organizational Development Network), and PNODN (Puget Sound Organizational Development Network).