Skill Building – Bellevue, Everett, and Bellingham

With over 20 years experience at Path to Change, we offer managers and leaders practical skill building and support with all areas of leadership.  Our objective is to help you reach your potential for leadership, high performing teams and fostering staff engagement.

We offer tools and assessments to get you started on your path to success – 360s and other review opportunities to first identify and then enhance your emotional intelligence (EQ), interpersonal and leadership skills.  The research confirms EQ skills are critical to leadership success.  No matter your technical skills and experience, if you lack these skills you won’t get very far in your career.

We offer individual coaching and training:


We give leaders practical help with their everyday people, interpersonal, change management and emotional intelligence challenges.  

Our philosophy is “learn it today and use it today. ”

Team conflict is typical, but some workplace teams get bogged down in dysfunction and unresolved conflict ranging from avoidance to hostility among team members negatively impacting morale, creative collaboration and team productivity.  We work with organizations and leaders to help them reduce team dysfunction through team feedback and learning growing skills to become a more engaged, collaborative and high performing team.  Our team building approach doesn’t include singing “Kumbaya”, dumb games, falling into people’s arms or ropes courses.  Our approach is helping real people have a real dialogue to address tough issues in ways that support the team and individuals.

Whether you need a keynote speaker to address common workplace leadership and team challenges or a workshop trainer to deliver practical, engaging skill development or personal one on one executive coaching.  We help leaders with their everyday people challenges—particularly those trying to manage change or deal with high workplace stress.

Leadership and Management Skills Workshops and Training for Your Workplace
We offer entertaining and engaging training. Leaders and managers will learn new practical skills in:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision- making
  • Overcoming Common Team Dysfunctions
  • How to Increase Trust and Engagement
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Be a Coach, not a Boss!
  • Practical Change Management
  • Leading Effective Meetings 

Professional executive coaching

Leadership and Executive Coaching in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett and Bellingham One on one coaching are the best way to improve leadership skills. At Pathways to Change, our coaching program gives mid to senior level leaders an objective partner to focus on your unique needs.   In this safe relationship, you can learn new practical tools and help to increase trust, engagement and effective communication, resolve conflict and lead teams in productive collaboration.

Our unique Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Bellingham executive coaching approach allows clients to have an active day- to- day partner with practical help to address “people” and team challenges in real time. Our career coaching allows professionals to make choices in times of transition that equate to success in the long run and includes valuable practice for successful interviewing.

For further information or to discuss your unique needs, please contact Maureen.